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Site Navigation

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Miro Kosut
Jan 27, 2024 • 1 min read

Ghost has primary navigation and secondary navigation.

Primary Navigation

The primary navigation is located in the top right corner.

On large screens, it shows up to 5 navigation items. If there are more than five navigation items, the "ellipsis" icon is shown ("..."). Clicking on the ellipsis icon opens a Bento-styled dropdown with the remaining navigation items.

On small screens, it shows a hamburger icon. Clicking on the hamburger icon opens a Bento-styled dropdown with all navigation items.

Secondary Navigation

The secondary navigation is located at the bottom.

All navigation items are shown regardless of the screen size.

In addition to the navigation items, there is also a footnote in the secondary navigation. The footnote displays additional information, such as copyright or "made thanks to coffee." The default value is "Published with Ghost & Bento".

To customize the footnote, please go to Site → Design & branding → Side wide and search for the "Custom Footnote" settings. You can use basic HTML tags such as <b>, <i>, and <a>.